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How to Take a Taxi from Miami International Airport

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How to Take a Taxi from Miami International Airport
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Hailing a Taxi at Miami International Airport

Following the signs pointing to “Ground Transportation,” exit the baggage claim area on the ground level. There are always taxis lined up outside waiting for passengers. During very busy times, you may have to compete with other passengers to hail a taxicab. Taxicab drivers will sometimes ask you where your destination is before agreeing to take you. Uniformed dispatchers are stationed at kiosks along the sidewalk, and they can help you hail a cab if there is not already an orderly line for you to wait in.

Once you do get into a cab, the rest is fairly easy. There are standardized rates so all regular taxis will charge you the same. There are flat-fares established for certain destination zones. For other areas, all taxis charge the same rate per mile.

About Fares and Tips:

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