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I-95 Express Toll Lanes in Miami

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I-95 Express Toll Lanes in Miami
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Plans have been under way for quite a while to add high occupancy toll lanes to I-95 – called “95 Express” or "HOT Lanes." Eventually, the lanes will stretch from I-395 in Downtown Miami to Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Drivers can take the lanes when they are in a hurry, and pay a toll via their SunPass transponder.

You can purchase a SunPass (or the less-expensive SunPass Mini) at Publix, CVS Pharmacies, Navarro Supermarkets, Sedano's Supermarkets, Turnpike service plazas, or on the Sun Pass Web Site.

Toll prices will vary from .25 cents to $2.65, depending on how heavy the traffic is. In grid-lock conditions, the cost could be as high as $6.20. The toll charge always will be clearly displayed at the entry points.

No toll will be charged to emergency vehicles, registered vanpools, registered carpools of 3 or more persons commuting to work, registered hybrid vehicles, motorcycles, public buses, and school buses. Trucks cannot use the lane.

Vanpools, work carpools and hybrids can register their vehicles now with South Florida Commuter Services.


The lanes are now open along a 7-mile stretch of the northbound side in Miami. It begins on the Left, adjacent to the sign for exit 6A. DO NOT enter it unless you plan to stay there until the Golden Glades Interchange (North of 151 Street). There are poles barricading it for the entire 7-mile stretch.

Tolls charges will begin on Friday, December 5 at 6:00 am.

Here are some important tips to follow, provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).


  • The former High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane and the newly created Express Lanes are now for long distance trips ONLY.
  • Once you enter the new Express Lanes: You cannot exit until the end, and you cannot cut through the lane markers (delineators) to break out before Golden Glades.
  • If you find yourself in the Express Lanes by accident, remain calm. RIDE THROUGH to the Golden Glades Interchange.
  • If you get confused, DO NOT STOP at any time whether in the general purpose or Express Lanes.
  • Weaving in and out of the Express Lanes is illegal. Drivers who do could cause crashes, and will be subject to fines and incur points on their licenses.
  • Be alert and pay attention to all advisories, signage, pavement markings and posted speed limits.
  • Tolling on the Express Lanes will begin soon.
  • For more information about the purpose of the new 95 Express program and how it works call 1-877-95X-FDOT or 1-877-959 -3368.

For more information, visit the 95 Express Web Site, or check back here for the latest updates.

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