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Miami Transportation on a Budget

Find out how to get around Miami without breaking the bank.

Swoop Miami
Just place a call, and this electric golf cart will take you where you need to go - anywhere in South Beach - for free.

Miami Beach Bicycle Center
Renting a bicycle is a cheap, convenient, and fun way to get around South Beach.

Finding Affordable Parking in Miami Beach
Parking in Miami Beach can be very expensive, with hotels charging up to $30 per day for valet. Find out about more affordable parking options here.

Public Transportation in Miami
Car rentals and taxis can be very expensive. Learn about Miami's public transportation system and you can get around for a lot less money.

Scooter Rentals in Miami Beach
Scooters are a popular and affordable mode of transportation for visitors to Miami Beach.

DecoBike Miami Beach - Bicycle Rentals in South Beach
DecoBike Miami Beach - Bicycle Rentals in South Beach

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