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Top Things to Do in Miami, Florida


When visiting Miami, Florida it helps to have a list of the best things to do on your trip. From must-see attractions to the best spots to eat, drink, and party, get the low down of some of the top things to do in Miami.


South Beach, Port of Miami
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Miami's intense sun can be enjoyed at one of our amazing beaches, or at one of many swimming pools and water parks. For adults, there are also some options for topless or nude sunbathing if you know where to go.



From our gorgeous beaches and beautiful gardens to our amazing national parks, visitors flock to Miami's wonders of nature. Our hospitable weather allows Miami to offer a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.


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Miami offers so many exciting attractions for children, from parks to museums to wildlife. If you have children along, you will want to visit some of these Top 10 attractions for kids. For wet fun in the sun, we also have pools and water parks, and opportunities to go swimming with dolphins.


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Miami has a plethora of fun attractions for visitors of all ages and tastes. Get the scoop on historic attractions, go wild at wildlife and animal attractions, and learn about attractions the whole family will love.


Miami City Ballet

Miami is not just a place to eat, drink, and hang out at the beach. It is also cultural epicenter, featuring amazing museums, film festivals, and so many places to explore Miami's arts & culture.


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There is plenty of fun to be had in Miami. Unfortunately, it is easy to spend a whole lot while you're at it. Find some fun things to do for free in Miami, and many ways to visit Miami on a budget.


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With so much to see and do in Miami, sometimes you need a little hands-on guidance. Whether you prefer a tour by airplane, boat, or bus, these outstanding guided tours are all excellent ways to make the most of your trip to Miami.


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Miami may have a short history compared to many other cities, but it has been a fascinating one. Learn about local history through historical tours, at historical museums, or by visiting one of our historic attractions. Miami is also home to 5 National Historic Landmarks.


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Miami is full of fantastic restaurants. Whether you are seeking a fine dining experience or some good but cheap food, you will find plenty of great places to eat in Miami.


Tobacco Road

When you want to go out for drinks in Miami, you have many bars to choose from. Miami Beach has a bar for every taste, from no-nonsense dive bars to casual bars to upscale cocktail lounges. And don't forget the best of Downtown Miami bars.


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Miami's fun continues on well into the night. Miami's best nightlife spots have something for everyone. From the top South Beach nightclubs to comedy clubs to outstanding live music venues in Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.


Aventura Mall

Miami is known for many things, including great shopping opportunities. Most of that is the expensive kind, but there are also plenty of places to shop even if you are on a budget. We will tell you the best places to shop in Miami – whether you want to spend a lot or save a lot.

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