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A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne


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Fourth Stop: Biscayne Nature Center
A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne

You can touch nature at Biscayne Nature Center

Photo © Dawn Muench-Pace

At the Northernmost end of the park is the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center. To get there, drive to the park’s North Beach entrance. Show them your parking receipt so you won’t have to pay entrance again.

Once located in a trailer, the Biscayne Nature Center has now settled into a spiffy new building that allows for many more activities and visitors. Enter the center and check out the displays of shells, plants and sea animals, and aquariums full of coral reef fish. They may even have some baby sea turtle hatchlings, depending on the season. Outside, there are several self-guided nature trails to explore on your own. Or you can sign up for a guided tour to learn about the Bear Cut Nature Preserve. The Preserve is a designated natural Environment Study Area, and offers a glimpse of the natural hammock and beach areas that once made up all of South Florida.

Activities are limited during the Summer months due to mosquitoes. Check with the park for current events. Call 305-361-6767 for the latest information.

In addition to this walking tour, you may also wish to take the Heritage Tram Tour of Crandon Park and Bear Cut Preserve. It is offered on weekends, and you can enjoy a 1-hour tram ride while learning about the history of Key Biscayne. The tours are offered on Saturdays at 10 am and Sundays at 3 pm. Reservations are required, and tour times may change frequently. Call 305-365-3018 for the latest information. The cost is $2 for adults and $1 for children.

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