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A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne


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Third Stop: Crandon Park Gardens
A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne

A beautiful Swan at Crandon Gardens

Photo © Dawn Muench-Pace

Many visitors and even locals who come to Crandon Park are completely unaware of this Garden area, which is an amazing treasure lying hidden to the southeast of the amusement center and cabanas. There are no signs pointing toward it, so ask the Carousel attendant to point you in the right direction.

The only signage is posted at the gate itself, warning you that crocodiles may be present in the area. (Though it is unlikely you will find any crocodiles here, please take caution with your young children.) Crandon Park Gardens is made up of over 200 acres of lush vegetation and lakes. This area grew wild after the zoo moved away, but has since been manicured and renovated to perfection.

The variety of birds living here is mind-boggling. You will see peacocks, geese, ibises, turkeys, herons, swans, and more that you may not even be able to name. Several of the lakes have fountains in the middle of them. There are some very pretty, swinging park benches, but they are few and far between so be prepared to do a lot of walking. Remnants of the old zoo are visible among the foliage, including several dilapidated stone cages, a few of which have been beautifully painted with a mural of animals.

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