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A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne


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A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne
A Day at Crandon Park & Beach in Key Biscayne

Ibises by the lake at Crandon Gardens

Photo © Dawn Muench-Pace

Crandon Park in Key Biscayne is a real natural treasure in overly-congested Miami. The land was once part of the largest coconut plantation is the U.S, owned by William John Matheson. In the 1940s, his heirs donated the land to Miami-Dade County for use as a park. As a result, the causeway to Key Biscayne was built, and the Crandon Park Zoo was opened. Over forty years later, the zoo moved away and became Metrozoo. But it left behind some treats that are still making Crandon Park a very unique and special destination in Miami.

Besides offering one of the ten best beaches in the country, it is also home to an array of activities that families will delight in exploring. This tour is your introduction to the Crandon Park Beach, playground, roller rink, carousel, the Biscayne Nature Center, and the gorgeous Crandon Park Gardens. Make this visit on a weekend, which is the only time the Amusement Center is open.

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