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Monty’s Stone Crab Seafood House & Raw Bar


Monty’s Stone Crab Seafood House & Raw Bar

Monty's Raw Bar in Coconut Grove

Photo courtesy Monty's

Profile of Monty’s Stone Crab Seafood House & Raw Bar:

A Coconut Grove institution, Monty's has been serving up no-nonsense seafood for over 30 years. You can choose the more expensive indoor dining room, or opt for the outdoor raw bar - which is less expensive and much more fun. Both areas have gorgeous water views, but the raw bar also features calypso music and a happy hour that is very popular with locals. Enjoy fresh stone crabs and much more, served on paper plates, and for fair - though not cheap - prices.

There is a second location in South Beach, called Monty’s Raw Bar. It also has great views and a popular happy hour.


2550 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove
In Monty’s Marina

300 Alton Road, Miami Beach




$$ - Moderate


Accepted for upstairs dining only (Coconut Grove location).


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