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Best Budget Restaurants in Miami


There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from in Miami, but the bill at the end of the meal can sometimes come as a shock. Find out where in Miami to eat good food on a budget.

Best Cheap Restaurants in Miami

It’s time for a meal out, but you don’t want to spend a lot. Fortunately, there is a middle-ground between the fast-food joints and the over-priced eateries.

Best Budget Restaurants in South Beach

Dining out can be very expensive, especially in a popular and trendy area like South Beach. These SoBe restaurants offer not only excellent food, but very reasonable prices.

Affordable Key Biscayne Restaurants

Photo courtesy Archie's Pizza
“Affordable” and “Key Biscayne” are not often used in the same sentence, but you should be glad to know that there are some inexpensive places to eat in this island paradise.

Best Pizza Restaurants

Original Big Tomato

Pizza is a favorite food of Americans of all ages. Miami has a wonderful selection of great pizza joints. These stand out as popular favorites that serve tasty pizza pies at affordable prices.

Reader Favorites

Food Network

Readers tell us their suggestions for great cheap dining in Miami. Do you have any good budget restaurants you want to recommend?

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