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Review of Sun and Moon Express

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Review of Sun and Moon Express
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The Bottom Line

Sun and Moon Express was very reliable, arrived promptly, and charged only a few dollars more than a taxi. The large van fit my family and baggage with plently of room to spare, so it was much more comfortable than a taxi. I plan to use them every time I travel.


  • Very Affordable
  • Very Reliable
  • On-Time
  • Large Van Fits a Family or Group
  • More Comfortable Than a Taxi


  • Not Luxurious


  • Phone: 754-581-6264 or 754-581-4708
  • Web Site: http://www.sunandmoonexpress.com
  • E-mail: contact@sunandmoonexpress.com
  • Services Offered: Airport/Cruise Transportation in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Also Group Transportation & Tours.
  • Costs: Very afforable, visit their Web Site to submit a rate quote.
  • Payment Accepted: Cash, Major Credit Cards

Guide Review - Review of Sun and Moon Express

When flying with my family out of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, I decided to try a private van service for the first time. I have always taken taxis when travelling, but now with two children in car seats, it has become a tight squeeze. I requested quotes from several companies, and Sun and Moon's quote was much lower than most others. Even with the required 20% gratuity, it was literally only a few dollars more than what a taxi plus gratuity would cost.

The owner, Edwin, was quick to answer phone calls, and I booked their service for a round-trip to and from my home to Fort Lauderdale Airport. On the day we departed, they arrived right on time, and we had a roomy and comfortable ride to the airport. The van fits about 10 passengers, with a large cargo area in the back for suitcases.

We had requested a round-trip, so Edwin instructed us to call him once our return flight landed. We did so, and then the driver asked us to call back again once we had gotten our bags. He circled through the pick-up area while waiting for our call. Once we called, he arrived a few minutes later.

It was not as nice as a luxury service that would have parked, held up a little sign with our name on it, and come in to help us collect our bags. (And that type of service would have cost considerably more.) But it certainly was much better than having to fight with other passengers over the next available taxi - which would have been about the same price. And often it is hard to find an available taxi that will fit 4 or 5 people comfortably.

I was very happy with this company, and plan to hire them again when a group of 7 family members comes to visit this Summer.

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