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Tennis and Racquetball at Northwest & Northeast Miami Parks


Tennis and Racquetball at Northwest & Northeast Miami Parks
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Miami-Dade Parks has over 50 locations with more than 200 courts to serve every corner of the County. Depending on which center you choose, courts may be lighted for night play; you may take professional or group lessons; join leagues for tournament play; have your racquet restrung or buy equipment.

All of the courts listed below are located in the N.E. and N.W. areas of Miami. You can also view Tennis and Racquetball Courts located in the S.E. and S.W. areas of Miami.

For the latest information on tennis and racquetball locations and programs, visit the Miami-Dade Parks Web Site.


Haulover Park Tennis Center

  • Address: 10800 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL
  • Phone: 305-947-3525
  • Haulover Park Tennis Center Web Site
  • Details: Offers 6 tennis courts and tennis lessons. The courts are on a first come, first serve basis and are wheelchair-accessible.

Ives Estates Tennis Center

Oak Grove Park


Arcola Lakes Park

  • Address: 1301 N.W. 83 Street, Miami, FL
  • Phone: 305-836-5095
  • Arcola Lakes Park Web Site
  • Details: Offers 4 lighted tennis courts, and handball/racquetball facilities.

Drew Park

  • Address: N.W. 60 Street & N.W. 17 Avenue, Miami, FL
  • Phone: 305-694-4889
  • Drew Park Web Site
  • Details: Offers 2 tennis courts.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park

Marva Y. Bannerman Park

North Glade Park

  • Address: 17355 N.W. 52 Avenue, Miami, FL
  • Phone: 305-621-2461
  • North Glade Park Web Site
  • Details: Offers 2 tennis courts without lights.

Partners for Youth Park

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SOURCE: Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation, http://www.miamidade.gov/parks/sports/fun-tennis.asp

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