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Downtown Miami Nightclubs


South Beach is Miami's hot spot for nightlife, which means the Hottest SoBe Clubs tend to have expensive cover charges and drinks, a lot of attitude, and can be very tough to get into. For those who are looking for a fun night without the hassle, Downtown Miami offers a fresh alternative to the trendy and image-conscious SoBe scene.

Several of these are located on "Club Row" - N.E. 11 Street between N.W. 2nd Avenue and Miami Avenue. Downtown clubs can be fun even if you are not a big spender, and some even allow Under 21 Club-goers for certain special events. Here are our top picks, in alphabetical order.

Club 90 Degree

Club 90 Degree

Club 90 Degree is the only Latin nightclub in Downtown's Club Row, since most are located in Little Havana. It features 2 rooms, often with a different style of music in each, such as Salsa, Merengue or Reggaeton. It was voted the "Best Latin Club in Miami" by the Miami New Times.

Club Space

Club Space

Club Space is the Big Daddy of Downtown clubs, and is as well-known as any of South Beach's most famous clubs. This reputation was helped (or hurt?) by it being the favorite club of the cast of Jersey Shore during filming. The cover charge and drinks cost more than at most other clubs in the area, but big-name DJs can be heard here every weekend. It is a huge, multi-level facility with a rooftop terrace and a patio, and all areas are packed with people.


KColl Designs

Formerly known as The White Room, Eve is a small nightclub that also hosts live music concerts and special events. You can dance to a variety of musical genres here in one night. There might be a DJ spinning in the Red Room, live music on stage in the main room, and people lounging in the outdoor cabanas.

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1306 N. Miami Avenue, Miami
  • Phone: 305-995-5050
  • Eve Web Site



Nocturnal was designed to provide appealing visuals, lighting and sound, and the high production value shows in the creative and beautiful spaces. The club has 3 floors, with several areas featuring different music and crowds. Choose between the main dance floor, one of the bars or lounges, or the roof-top terrace. The music is top-notch, but drink prices are on the high side.

The Vagabond

The Vagabond

The Vagabond is a favorite of many club-goers, who appreciate its casual, laid-back vibe. The cover charge is low, and the bouncers and bartenders are friendly (a very rare occurance at Miami clubs). The people-watching here can be very entertaining, and you can enjoy 3 different rooms, each with a different style of music.

Mekka Nightclub

Mekka Nightclub

Mekka has a variety of rooms, featuring different music such as House, Latin, and Top 40. If you like to party until dawn, and beyond, they are known for after-hours events that start at 4 or 5 am. They also have special events such as Gay events, Ladies' nights, and All Ages events.

  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 950 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Miami
  • Phone: 305-371-3773
  • Mekka Web Site

Reader Favorites

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Do you agree with these picks on this list? Is there another Downtown Miami club you think should have been included? Or do you prefer those in South Beach? If so, please take a few minutes are tell us about it. To see what Miami clubs are recommended by other readers, or to add your own favorite, check out Readers' Favorite Nightclubs in Miami.

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