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How to Get Into Miami Nightclubs

Spend less time in line and more time having fun


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Visitors to Miami will find some of the hottest nightlife in the world. These clubs are concentrated mostly in South Beach, though the Downtown area is fast becoming a major party spot as well. The Top Miami Beach Nightclubs can be very hard to get into, so you will need to be prepared. If getting into an ultra-popular club is your goal, check out these tips so you can spend the night partying instead of standing in line.

Stay at a Hotel that Offers VIP Passes

Some hotels, including most of the Top 7 Cheap South Beach Hotels, offer their guests VIP access to the hottest clubs. They can put you on the club guest list for much faster entry. Even if your hotel does not offer VIP passes, you should still talk to the concierge. They are very knowledgeable about this subject and may have some insider information to share.

Arrive Early

Arriving early - at about 11 pm - means there will be less people in line. Of course there will be less people inside too, but just wait a little while and the crowds will soon join you.

Dress to Impress

Doormen are looking for people who are attractive, and who look like they are going to spend money inside. Men should look classy and cool, perhaps in designer jeans and a somewhat dressy shirt. No shorts, ill-fitting clothing, or casual shoes. For ladies, tight and sexy clothing is your ticket, but try to keep it on the chic and sophisticated side.

Respect the Doormen

Confidence is important - you should look like you know you belong here – but don’t appear boastful or give attitude to the doorman. Also, do not try to tip the doormen. They will consider it an insult, and there are usually off-duty cops nearby for added security.

Arrive in a Mixed Group

Mixed groups have a better chance of getting in, so try to arrive in a group with equal numbers of men and women, or more women than men. Even if you are not traveling with such a group, try to make friends with other people standing in line and enter together. A large group of guys is a turn-off, so split off into smaller groups before presenting yourself to the doormen. A large group of attractive women should not have much trouble, but they may let a few guys join their group if you offer to buy them a drink once inside.

Get Some Professional Help

Companies like South Beach VIP Services and VIP South Beach specialize in helping visitors get VIP access to the hottest nightclubs. You will pay extra, but you also won't risk having to spend hours in line.

You can also purchase a Miami Party Pass and get unlimited entry into 13 Nightclubs. The cost for the pass starts at $25.

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