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South Pointe Park


South Pointe Park
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This newly-renovated park reopened to the public in March 2009. After a $22 million restoration, the park is now greatly improved and will surely become a major meeting place in South Beach once again.

The park in a great place for going to the beach, having a picnic, tossing a ball around, or bringing your dog for a walk (leash required).

The park features beach access, a children's playground, event pavilion, doggie stations, and a snake-like walkway along Government Cut.

Address: 1 Washington Avenue, South Beach
(Cars can enter at Washington Avenue, and pedestrians can enter on Ocean Drive.)

Hours: The park will close at 10 PM daily, but the cutwalk will remain open until 2 AM.

Dining: Smith & Wollensky is located in the park, but you'll need a fat wallet! Otherwise, there are plenty of dining spots within walking distance.

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