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Topless and Nude Beaches in Miami


Topless and Nude Beaches in Miami
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For those who like to go topless at the beach, South Beach is a good spot to visit. Though not technically legal, topless sunbathing is socially acceptable and very common on all beaches in the South Beach area. This is truer the farther south you go.

Many South Beach hotels also allow topless sunbathing by the pool, however a few do not allow it. You can always ask the hotel about their policy to know for sure.

Oyster.com lists the following hotels as the best for going topless: Hotel Victor, The Standard Miami, Gansevoort South, Delano Hotel, and Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort.

Completely nude sunbathing is allowed at only one beach in Miami. The North end of Haulover Beach is Florida's only legal “clothing optional” stretch of beach – so if you truly want to avoid any tan lines then this is the place to go!

When visiting Haulover, make sure you are in the section that allows nudity, as there is another section that does not.

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