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Free Things to Do in Miami


There is plenty of fun to be had in Miami. Unfortunately, it is easy to spend a whole lot while you're at it. Find out what fun things you can do for free (or almost free) in Miami.

Go to the Beach

Miami Beach, Florida, USA
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One of the best ways to have fun in Miami is the spend a day at the beach, and it doesn't cost anything! And Miami has the perfect beach for you. Find out which beaches are the best for families, scenery, people-watching, solitude, and (gasp!) nude sunbathing.

Take a Free Tour

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Miami is a fascinating city, and taking a tour is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of its beauty and history. The guided tours listed here are offered for free (or almost free). There are also several excellent self-guided walking tours to choose from.

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery for Free

Photo courtesy GMCVB
Miami is a world-class cultural center with excellent art, science, and cultural museums. Many of these museums and galleries offer free admission to the public on certain days.

Explore a Garden for Free

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Miami has a few beautiful gardens that offer free admission year-round. Plus, some of the larger gardens offer free admission on certain days each year.

Attend a Free Event or Festival

Photo courtesy Calle Ocho Festival
Due to our mild weather year-round, Miami is a hot spot for national and international events and festivals, some of which are free to attend. Find out what special events are going on this month in Miami.

Explore South Beach

Photo courtesy Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau
South Beach is a wonderful place to just walk around and see the people, scenery, and buildings. Sure, you can choose to spend a lot when exploring South Beach, but you certainly don’t have to! Here are some fun ways to explore for free (or almost free).

Explore Coconut Grove

Photo © Dawn Muench-Pace
Coconut Grove has a rich history and is a unique part of Miami. Free things to do here include The Barnacle State Historic Site and Peacock Park, plus browsing at Cocowalk, the Streets of Mayfair, and the quaint streets and shops sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

Explore Downtown Miami's Waterfront

Photo © Luis Muench
One of the features that sets Miami apart from other big cities is the way it integrates itself with the water. To witness this, look no further than the downtown waterfront area. It costs nothing to stroll through Bayfront Park, Bayside Marketplace, and Pier 5, and observe the Freedom Tower.

Explore Little Havana

Photo courtesy City of Miami
For a taste of old-time Cuba right here in Miami, be sure to visit Little Havana. With the exception of the food, most of it can be explored for free. From Domino Park to the Bay of Pigs Memorial to Viernes Culturales, find out what there is to do and see in Little Havana.

Reader Suggestions

Photo © Dawn Muench-Pace

We've listed various free things to do in Miami, but is there anything we missed? What are your favorite free (or almost free) things to do in the Magic City?

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