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Free Internet Access at Miami Libraries

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Free Internet Access at Miami Libraries

Coconut Grove Branch Library

Photo © Luis Muench
Visitors to Miami may find it helpful to know where to find their nearest public library branch. It is a great place to browse local guide books, do some Internet research, and check your e-mail. Short-term visitors cannot check out materials, but they can read materials in the library - and most importantly – have free Internet access for up to two hours per day.

All of the libraries in the Miami-Dade Public Library System (M-DPLS) allow non-residents to come in and use their computers for Internet access, or to use their wireless internet service on your own WiFi-enabled laptop. For either purpose, you must show a valid Photo I.D. and obtain a Guest Library Card.

Guests may use a library computer for 1 hour, but this time can be extended if no other patrons are waiting. Guest Card holders are limited to 2 hours of computer time per day. You may use the library printer for a fee of 15 cents per page. Note that this free Internet access is also very popular with the locals, so try to avoid coming in the evenings or you may have to wait for a computer.

There are over 40 branches of the M-DPLS, with more opening each year. Here is a listing of the locations of most interest to visitors. For a full listing, visit their Branch Locations list.

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