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Visiting Miami on a Budget: Have Fun While Saving Money

Learn about the places to stay, places to eat, and things to do - that are among the best of Miami but can still be enjoyed by visitors on a budget.
  1. Attractions on a Budget (26)
  2. Hotels on a Budget (8)
  3. Nightlife on a Budget (5)
  4. Restaurants on a Budget (9)
  5. Transportation on a Budget (6)

Budget Hotels in Miami
In Miami, you don't have to spend a fortune to stay in style. Miami has many quality inexpensive hotels, motels, and hostels for visitors on a budget.

Free Gardens in Miami
Miami has a few beautiful gardens that offer free admission year-round.

Free Museum Days in Miami
Find out when Miami's art, science, and cultural museums offer free admission.

Free Things to Do in South Beach
South Beach is a wonderful place to just walk around and see the people, scenery, and buildings. Here are some fun ways to explore for free (or almost free).

Free Tours in Miami
Miami is a fascinating city, and a taking a tour is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of its beauty and history.

Free Things to Do in Miami
There is plenty of fun to be had in Miami, unfortunately these things also tend to cost a lot. Find of what fun things you can do for little to no cost.

Submit Your Review of a Miami Deal or Discount Program
Tell us about your experiences with a Miami deal or discount program.

How to Get Discounts at Miami Restaurants
Some of Miami's best restaurants allow you to buy a $25 restaurant certificate for only $10.

Free Internet Access at Miami Libraries
Miami's public libraries are a great place to browse local guide books, do some Internet research, and check your e-mail.

Go Miami Card
If you plan to visit many attractions during your trip to Miami, the Go Miami Card would be a good purchase for you. It gives free or discounted admission to Miami attractions, tours, cruises, and museums.

Top 10 Cost Cutting Vacation Tips
The Top 10 ways to stretch your vacation dollars, from Florida Travel Guide Dawn Henthorn.

Favorite Free Things to Do in South Beach
Readers tell us their favorite things to do for free in South Beach.

Favorite Free Things to Do in Miami, Florida
Readers tell us their favorite things to do for free in Miami.

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