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Pinecrest Gardens


Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens

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About Pinecrest Gardens:

Located on the former site of Parrot Jungle, Pinecrest Gardens is a delightful respite for many local families and visitors as well. Featuring huge banyan trees and lush vegetation, it is a great place to let kids loose to play while you enjoy the landscapes. Play areas include a large and shady playground, petting zoo, butterfly exhibit, and the Splash ‘n Play water area open to children ages 2-12. Many stone tables are located throughout the park where you can have a quiet picnic lunch.


11000 Red Road, Pinecrest
Pinecrest Gardens Web Site


A concession stand sells hot dogs, drinks, ice cream and snacks. Or you can take short drive to Wayside Market for a custom-made smoothie and a fresh gourmet salad or sandwich. It is located at 10070 SW 57th Ave.(Red Rd.). Their phone number is 305-661-6717.


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