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How to Take Public Transportation from Miami International Airport

Your Cheapest Transportation Option


How to Take Public Transportation from Miami International Airport

Miami MetroBus

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About Public Transportation from Miami International Airport

Taking public transportation from Miami International Airport is a very slow, but very cheap option. Make sure that you know exactly what Metrobuses to take and when and where to catch them. You don't want to wander the streets seeking one, especially at night. Fares are $1.50, and transfers are .50 cents. Exact change is required.

The Metrobus Luggage Policy states that "no more than two pieces of luggage are allowed. Passengers with luggage must sit in the rear of the bus.”

Metrobuses depart from the Ground Level, across from Concourse E.

Metrobuses Departing from Miami International Airport

  • To Downtown Miami: #7 Bus
  • To Coral Gables and South Miami: #37 Bus (Southbound)
  • To Coconut Grove: #42 Bus
  • To Miami Beach: “J” Bus
  • To South Beach: “J” Bus, then transfer to Southbound “H” Bus at 41st Street

To Find Metrobus Routes and Times

  • Visit the computerized transit information kiosk in the MIA bus waiting room at ground level.
  • Pick up a bus schedule at the airport tourist information center in Concourse E.
  • Visit the Miami Dade Transit Web Site.
  • Call 305-770-3131.

Airport Owl Shuttle for Late-Night Arrivals

  • The shuttle runs a loop through South Beach, Downtown, and back to the airport.
  • Departs every hour, Daily, from 11:50 pm to 5:40 am.
  • Cost is $1.25.
  • For more information on the Airport Owl Shuttle, call 305-770-3131.

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