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Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition


Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition

Miami Dade Fair and Exposition

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One of the biggest delights for kids in Miami is experienced every March – when the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition, better known as “The Fair,” comes to town. Miami’s fair is one of the largest in the country, attracting nearly 700,000 visitors each year. It has everything you could want at a fair – monster roller coasters, scary haunted houses, kiddie rides, games, cotton candy, elephant ears, and much more.

The Fair also has plenty of souvenir and gift shopping, student and adult exhibits, agriculture competitions, a daily Mardi Gras parade and free live entertainment.


Fair dates are March 15 through April 1, 2012.


The Fair is located in Southwest Miami at Coral Way and 112th Avenue. There are four entrances:

  • Coral Way (SW 24th St) at 112th Ave
  • Coral Way (SW 24th St) at 114th Ave
  • SW 107th Ave at 17th St
  • SW 117th Ave (just north of SW 24th St)


Admission tickets can be purchased on the web site or at the gate.

Also check the web site for ride ticket options.


There is plenty of free parking on the fair grounds.

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