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Deep Discounts at Miami Restaurants


Deep Discounts at Miami Restaurants
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Did you know that you can get $25 certificates for some of Miami's best restaurants for only $10? It's true!

Restaurant.com allows you to search for particpating restaurants, and then purchase certificates to dine there at a deeply discounted cost.

Just go to Restaurant.com and search for the city or neighborhood of your choice, and you will see a list of participating restaurants. You can even view their menu on the site.

Make sure to read the fine print for each restaurant, like minimum purchase requirements, restricted dates, are any other exclusions.

Get started now with your search for participating restaurants.

They regularly run specials so you can often save even more. Check the Miami Travel Blog for the latest deals and promotion codes.

Reader Reviews of Restaurant.com:

Reader: Tracy Levi
"It is a great website. The best option is to have a friend who is already a member forward a 50%, 60%, 70% or sometimes even 80% discount offer to you, which you can then use to purchase the gift certificates. Normally you would spend $10 for a $25 gift certificate, so always wait for the discount offers, which come to your email frequently. We have used the website to purchase gift certificates for restaurants we normally go to (e.g. Sheba, Gables Diner, Cacao, Myconos) but it is also good to save money at a restaurant you want to try. We used one the first time we went to Poblano in South Miami and it was great. The restaurants do change though, but they have a great selection."

Do you have an opinion about this or any other Miami deal or discount program? If so, please submit your own Miami Deal Review.

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