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Top Hotels in Miami for Every Budget

Best of the Best in Miami Hotels.
  1. Hotels by Neighborhood

Budget Hotels in Miami Beach
If you want to find a budget hotel in Miami Beach, this list will help!

Budget Hotels in Miami
In Miami, you don't have to spend a fortune to stay in style. Miami has many quality inexpensive hotels, motels, and hostels for visitors on a budget.

Best Family Friendly Hotels in Miami
These hotels are all excellent choices for a family trip, offering pools, beaches and special programs for kids.

Best Budget South Beach Hotels
Find outstanding but inexpensive South Beach hotels for visitors on a budget.

Best Cheap Hotel Chains in Miami
These no-frills budget hotel chains offer you a clean, comfortable place to stay, for a reasonable price.

Cheap Chain Hotels in Miami Beach
If you want a comfortable and inexpensive stay in Miami Beach, consider a budget chain hotel.

Cheap Hostels in Miami Beach
These hostels are the cheapest lodging you will find in Miami Beach.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Miami
The ultimate luxury hotel brand has locations in Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, and South Beach.

Top Luxury Hotels in Brickell & Brickell Key
Downtown Miami's Brickell Avenue and Brickell Key have some of the finest luxury hotel brands in the world.

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