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Best Dive Bars in Miami Beach

No-nonsense Drinks and Fun


These bars are as no-nonsense as it gets. They never charge a cover, there are no dress requirements, and no velvet rope to wrangle past. If you want to hang with casual people, including many locals, and have a good time – these are your best bets on the Beach. Here are my Top Picks, in alphabetical order.

More of Miami's Best Bars:

Abbey Brewing Co.

Abbey Brewing Co.
An intimate, European Pub-style bar, serving their own house brews and a range of excellent drafts, ales, and wines.

Abbey Brewing Co. Address & Phone:
1115 16th Street, 305-538-8110

Lost Weekend

Lost Weekend
A casual bar where you can play pool, foosball, and darts while pouring down cheap drinks.

Lost Weekend Address & Phone:
218 Espanola Way, 305-672-1707

Mac's Club Deuce

Club Deuce
Drink with all types of people – from drag queens to bikers to school teachers – at the oldest and most unpretentious bar in Miami.

Mac’s Club Deuce Address & Phone:
222 14th Street, 305-531-6200

Ted's Hideaway

Ted's Hideaway
A favorite with locals, this smoky bar serves inexpensive drinks in an extra-casual atmosphere.

Ted’s Hideaway Address & Phone:
124 2nd Street, 305-532-9869

The Playwright Irish Pub

This authentic Irish Pub is the most popular spot on the list – check it out!

The Playwright Irish Pub Address & Phone:
1265 Washington Ave., 305 534-0667

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