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Best Casual Bars in Miami Beach

South Beach Drinks and Fun Without the Attitude


In South Beach, it is hard to avoid the bright lights and hype of the many expensive Nightclubs and Cocktail Lounges. But there are a number of excellent casual bars here, which are frequented by local regulars, as well as visitors wishing to avoid the usual velvet ropes and attitude. Classier than Dive Bars, these are great spots to have some drinks and mingle without paying a small fortune.

More of Miami's Best Bars:

Automatic Slims

Automatic Slims
An unpretentious neighborhood bar playing rock music and serving (relatively) inexpensive drinks.

Automatic Slims Address & Phone:
1216 Washington Ave., 305-695-0795


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This laid-back bar and lounge – decked out in electric blue - is very popular with locals.

Blue Address & Phone:
222 Española Way, 305-534-1009

Purdy Lounge

Purdy Lounge
Join the laid-back and friendly (yet sophisticated) crowd and have a great but inexpensive beer, martini or Cosmo.

Purdy Lounge Address & Phone:
1811 Purdy Ave., 305-531-4622

The Room

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An excellent selection of beer and wine await you at this intimate, reasonably-priced, but very hard-to-find bar.

The Room Address & Phone:
100 Collins Ave., Suite 4, 305-531-6061

Wet Willie’s

Photo courtesy Wet Willies
A fun, friendly Ocean Drive bar serving potent frozen daiquiris at affordable prices.

Wet Willie’s Address & Phone:
760 Ocean Drive, 305-532-5650

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