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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Photo courtesy Vizcaya Museum and Garden

About Vizcaya Museum and Gardens:

Vizcaya is considered one of the biggest must-see attractions for visitors to Miami. It was built as a winter vacation home by industrialist James Deering in 1916. The main house gives you a peek into the lives of the super-wealthy during the 1920's, and the gardens are among the most grand and beautiful you will ever see. Don’t miss it!

For more info, read our article on the History of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.


3251 South Miami Avenue, Miami
Vizcaya Web Site


Open 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas


There is free parking on-site.


The Vizcaya Café serves excellent sandwiches, salads, dessert and drinks.


  • Free guided tours are offered every 15 to 30 minutes after meeting in the Entrance Loggia.
  • Tours in Spanish are offered every Saturday at 2:00 pm after meeting in the Entrance Loggia.
  • Group Tours can be arranged, find information on their Group Tours Page.


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