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Deering Estate at Cutler


Deering Estate at Cutler

Deering Estate

Photo courtesy Deering Estate

About Deering Estate at Cutler:

Peek into Miami’s past when you visit this estate built by Charles Deering (brother of James Deering, who built Vizcaya) during the early 1900's. Take a tour of the three historic buildings on the property, or of the hardwood hammock that represents what Miami’s landscape used to look like. It is also home to a Tequesta burial mound from the 1700’s.

Check their web site for special events held throughout the year.


16701 S.W. 72 Avenue, Miami
Deering Estate Web Site


10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Open Daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Tours & Pricing:

Visitors can choose from Heritage Tours, Nature Tours,and Canoe Tours, depending on the day and time of year. Check the Deering Estate Web Site for the latest tour and pricing information.


There is no food served on-site.


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