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Miami Arts & Culture Guide


Miami is not just a place to eat, drink, and hang out at the beach. It is also cultural epicenter, featuring some of the best in art, literature, music, dance, theatre and film.

Miami Museum Guide

Photo courtesy GMCVB

Miami is a world-class cultural center with excellent art, science, and cultural museums and galleries. Experience the best in art, history, and more.

Art Museums

Lowe Art Museum

There is plenty of art to be found in Miami – whether made by nature or made by people! Check out some of these outstanding art museums the next time you visit Miami.

Historical & Cultural Museums

Photo courtesy Go Miami Card

Miami may have a short history compared to many other cities, but it has been a fascinating one. There are some excellent museums that represent Miami history and culture.

National Historic Landmarks

Photo copyright undercovertourist.com

There are five sites in Miami that are recognized on the list of National Historic Landmarks. These special places offer insight into the history of Miami, the U.S., and the world.

Historic Attractions

Venetian Pool

Miami is a relatively young city, but there is still a bit of history to be observed here. These attractions will allow you to learn about aspects of Miami's past, while enjoying your day in our beautiful, tropical city.

Film Festivals

Italian Film Festival

Film lovers should love Miami. The city plays host to more than a dozen film festivals throughout the year. View the newest foreign films, cutting-edge indies and fabulous shorts.


Photo © Dawn Muench-Pace

Miami has not only beautiful beaches, but also several gorgeous gardens that are worth a visit. Some are free and open to the public, while the larger ones charge admission.

Performing Arts Venues

Arsht Center

As South Beach and Coconut Grove have established a reputation across the country as a haven for artistic expression, many artists have flocked here for the inspiration and vibes of our Miami atmosphere.

Art Basel & Winter Arts Shows

Photo copyright Robin Hill

Anchored by Art Basel, Miami is host to a wide variety of internationally recognized art shows each December.

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