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Dawn Muench-Pace

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Dawn Muench-Pace is a Miami native who has spent her entire life in The Magic City. She loves the natural beauty and exotic influences that make this city so special and unique.


Dawn has natural skills as a researcher that aid in her passion of sharing information with others. She knows the ins and outs of Miami, from her time growing up there and from introducing her two young children to all that the city has to offer. She has experience in Miami destination weddings, and this work has introduced her to the best hotels and restaurants in the city.


Dawn attended Florida International University in Miami, earning a B.S. from their School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She later earned a M.S. in Information Studies from Florida State University.

By Dawn Muench-Pace:

My goal is to be your primary resource when planning your visit to Miami. I love to research and organize information, and share it with others in a user-friendly way. As a frequent traveler, I know what is involved in planning a trip to a new city, so I delight in creating the kind of guide site that I wish I had when planning my own trips.

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